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Hello world! (<that negates the first post of a new blog)

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2009 at 7:11 pm

Hallo, Ev-ree-body!

Ok, so, seriously guys. I’m really going to start blogging. And this time, I mean it. I know that not many of my older blogs have lasted more than a month, or even the first three posts. But once again, I feel motivated to sit down at the keyboard, and actually blog. So I started a new one… from scratch.

Another thing, is that I want to be more consistent, with posting, that is. Usually I will have a posting splurge, and post three times a week for two weeks, and then be dead for another two months. But this time around the block, I’m going to try to schedule some time to write, at least one time a week.

So, now that you’re done reading my seemingly apologetic first post, please take the time to comment below, tell me some ideas of how to utilize my newborn soapbox to it’s full potential.


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